Little Dear Rae Sizing Guide

Ring Sizing Chart

When ordering a ring for your little one, the sizes can be seen in the chart below.









If the size you are looking for isn’t part of our standard Little Dear Rae ring sizing, please view our adult ring sizing chart for more options. If you wish to order a specific ring size that is not indicated in the above chart, please do so by leaving a comment in the ‘comments’ box when placing your order. Please always provide us with the UK ring size.



The best and most accurate way to get your little ones finger measured is to visit your local jeweller, but we we totally understand that it’s not always convenient or possible.

–    Take a piece of stiff cardboard, plastic or thick wire and wrap it around the finger.
–     Mark the exact spot where the ends join.
–     With a ruler, measure the length from end to end.
–     Use the chart below to find the correct size.


–     Use a piece of cardboard the width of the new ring.
–     Avoid using string. It is too flimsy and will bend to the shape of the finger.
–     After you have measured the length, tape it together and put it on the finger.
–     Don’t push or squeeze it to get it onto the finger. You won’t be able to this with a real ring.
–     Make sure it fits over the knuckle.

Happy with the above? You’re now ready to check sizing and order your Dear Rae treasure.

Note: When placing an order, please always provide us with the UK ring size.

Chain Lengths

Silver pendant chains: 35cm, 38cm, and 40cm.

Bracelet Sizes


Our bracelet sizes are calculated in chain lengths. Each Little Dear Rae bracelet comes on an adjustable chain so that your little one can enjoy wearing it as they grow. The maximum chain length that can be worn is 16cm.



Each Little Dear Rae leather bracelet comes adjustable so that your little one can enjoy wearing it as they grow. The leather is joined together using two sliding knots. The largest diameter that can be worn is approximately 50mm.

Please see the image below for how to make your leather bracelet bigger or smaller: