SHARING IS CARING: Dear Rae’s favourite online resources during lockdown

SHARING IS CARING: Dear Rae’s favourite online resources during lockdown

As we bravely and collectively face this current global crisis, it brings us great joy to witness how so many of you are using your platforms to bring much-needed light in these challenging moments of uncertainty.  We’re loving the global sharing of resources during this time, and the ways in which various companies, institutions and individuals are opening their virtual doors to anyone in need of some lockdown love.  The best part? Most of it is free of charge, should you be privileged enough to have an internet connection. 

With that in mind, we wanted to share some of our favourite “things to do from home” that we’ve stumbled upon, been sent or tried ourselves. Amidst the doom and gloom, it’s so important to look after your mental health. A great way to exercise this is to stay connected, practice gratitude and to recognise the powerful bond that is forming between us all,  globally.

If you have any of your own suggestions, we would love to hear from you. 

Until then, read more about our favourite online resources, below.


Health and Wellness

Yoga with Adriene:

All the free yoga you could ever wish for! Adrienne is a wonderful, gentle teacher who has a range of lessons and flows to suit just about anyone.

Click here to view Yoga With Adriene’s Youtube Channel.


Bhodi Breathwork

Breath awareness is the first step to change — if we don’t notice what’s going on inside ourselves, there is very little we can do to help change anything on the outside. Through conscious breathing we bring in more oxygen into the body which alkalises the blood and boosts the immune system. By doing this, we release stress patterns and start healing issues at their root cause. Breathwork also allows optimal communication throughout  your being, connecting you back to your truth and your knowing; resulting in an increase of happiness, joy,  ease and a sense of clear purpose.

Bhodi breathwork online sessions: R150 – every Thursday

Click here to visit the Bhodi Breathwork Instagram page.


Nima Lodge Virtual Retreat

The intention of this retreat is to re-find safety in our bodies and in our immediate environments, opposed to the external. With 3 sessions a day for 5 days, the Nima Lodge experts help you to create a container for yourselves. They do this by hosting grounding practices that explore connection to self and the feeling of connecting to a greater online community. The retreat will compose of meditations, workshops on various subjects such as creating a sacred space, energy work and finding sacred in the mundane. There are also evening sessions by guest facilitators who will lead you through Yin yoga, sound journeys and dance. We feel like having this time to explore our inner words is an opportunity to bring us back into ourselves – out of fear and into joy. 

Click here to visit Nima Lodge’s Instagram.


Wild Things Moves

A local Cape Town yoga studio offering online yoga classes for an affordable monthly subscription.

Visit their website to learn more.


Heartcore Sessions

Heartcore is offering daily pilates, barre and power yoga via their Instagram stories.

Click here to visit Heartcore Sessions Instagram.


Nourished 21 Days of Light

This much-loved Cafe has put together a 21 Days of Light Content Calendar. They’re hosting their favourite creators, creatives, healers, yogis, health gurus and other informed individuals in a schedule of incredible talks, take-overs, workshops and workouts.

Click here to visit Nourished Cafe’s Instagram.


Our favourite podcasts

• On Being: listen now.

• The Expanded Podcast – To be Magnetic: listen now.

• The Moth: listen now.

• Making Sense Podcast with Sam Harris: listen now.

• Desert Island Discs: listen now.

• Deliciously Ella: listen now.

• How I Built This with Gay Raz: listen now.


For the Mamas

The new normal and Carly’s couch: Oh Baby, WTF! 

Take an in-depth look at the various spheres of a contemporary woman’s life and how a new baby has a ripple effect throughout all of them – the new identity as mother, her relationship with her partner, friends and family, how to integrate back into the current world as a new mom.

Lsiten to Oh Baby, WTF! now.


Alexandra Sacks – Motherhood sessions

Conversations with woman and moms at all stages of their lives. 

Listen to Motherhood sessions now.


Free audiobooks from Amazon in 6 languages

Free audiobooks for adults and little ones.

Browse Audible now.


Arts and Culture

• #21daysOfArtSa Challenge created by Alice Toich: Visit her Instagram now

• Aloe Aloe Music – Aloe from Home Live Online musical performances: Learn more now.

• Free online virtual visits to landmarks, museums, opera houses: Browse now.

Nightly Met Opera streams: Browse now.

A great list of museums that currently have virtual tours available: Browse now.

• Google Arts & Culture is offering a free digital tour of the Guggenheim Museum through its Street View feature: Browse now.

• Schalk Bezuidenhout’s local stand up comedy show in his living room. Friday 10 April 20h00 | R50. Visit his Instagram now.

• Free virtual visits to 17 European museums: Browse now.

• The Fugard Theatre – live recording of “Master Harrold”. .. and the Boys: Watch now.


For the love of Nature

• Safari live – Games drives twice a day: Watch now.

• Google Arts and Culture – Explore hidden worlds of national parks: Explore now.

• How to see the world without leaving your home: Explore now.


Food for thought

To help you feel inspired and less overwhelmed with all the home cooking that is going on, we have added links for home delivery of fresh sourdough bread, fruit and veg, meal ideas and cook-a-longs with some of our favourite foodies – local and international.


The Delish Sisters 

This local sister duo shares incredible recipes – healthy and delicious! 

Explore their Instagram now.


Wild Organics

Each week, high quality, organically farmed produce, and hand pack a bag of the best of what’s in season. Deliver each Wednesday to a convenient collection point, or even to your home or office, in or around Cape Town.

Explore the Wild Organics website now.


Frankie Fenner

Cape Town’s ethical butchery and Friday burger box deliveries.

Visit their website now.


Granadilla Swimware – Food Deliveries

Granadilla Swim is delivering boxes of fresh fruit and veg, coffee pods as well as fresh bread in collaboration with The Oranjezicht Farmers Market, Giovannis and Woodstock Bakery. 

Explore their website now.


Pajamas and Jam Eatery

A local Cape Town eateries sharing daily recipes.

Explore their Instagram now.


Deliciously Ella 

Deliciously Ella celebrates and shares plant-based meals which can also be found on her app.

Visit the Deliciously Ella website now.


JS Health

Health and wellness guru sharing inspiring daily routines and recipes.  

Explore their Instagram now.


Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver provides easy recipes for lockdown to drive #keepcookingcarryon.

Visit the Jamie Oliver Instagram now.


Bread Ahead Bakery

Live baking from London.

Visit their Instagram now.


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