Rumi: A collaboration of play

Rumi: A collaboration of play

The artworks created for Dear Rae’s new RUMI collection are an exploration of understanding the power and playfulness of collaboration. Karin Rae and Amy Keevy, two artists on individual creative paths, find that collaborating not only quietens the ego, but also allows them to create from a playful and liberating space.

The RUMI Collection tells the story of finding balance. And these artworks are an example of finding balance with others. Once we find balance within ourselves, it translates so naturally into moments we wish to share on our journeys. These collaborative collages represent an undefined space that celebrates the embrace of opposites: Feminine and Masculine; Strong and Soft; Natural and Geometric; Warm and Cool.

Each art work is a limited edition of 50, printed on fine art paper and available in size A3.


RUMI in motion


A note from Dear Rae


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