Introducing the Sealand x Dear Rae POKA pouch

Introducing the Sealand x Dear Rae POKA pouch

Sealand is a brand that we have been following for quite some time. To say that we love everything that they stand for is an understatement, not to mention their simple and beautifully designed products made with upcycled materials.
“Unlike recycling, upcycling is less energy intensive on account of waste being upcycled as opposed to broken down, reprocessed or denatured. This makes upcycling a better option than recycling, whenever possible.”
Naturally, we jumped at the chance to collaborate with them when the opportunity arose. Karin and Amy visited the Sealand studio and factory to handpick the material, colour and design.





Jasper Eales, founder and owner of Sealand, shared some words on our collaboration:
“As a surfer, creative and ocean-minded individual, I am naturally drawn to work with like-minded people/brands. This is what drew me to work with Dear Rae on an initial personal project, which lead to a more in-depth knowledge of the brand.
Realising that Dear Rae’s menswear was less exposed vs their ladies wear, the idea was to create a functional, yet environmentally responsible added value product to accompany the mens rings. The vision was to encourage the mens product offering, whilst drawing focus to the brands commitment to being more environmentally sustainable.
Its also been a great excuse to work alongside the lovely Dear Rae ladies, and share knowledge and creative experiences.”







Together, Dear Rae and Sealand have created our very own version of the small Sealand POKA pouch: A simplified zip pouch constructed from tough upcycled material called Dacron Sail. This hardy material is primarily used for sails on yachts – In fact, the particular sail used to make our pouches most likely sailed around the world, completing many ocean crossings before being upcycled into these beautiful creations.
Our pouches each include an inside carabiner clip, perfect for storing your Dear Rae rings while hiking, surfing or just general adventuring. We are including a Sealand x Dear Rae POKA pouch with all men’s collection purchases in-store or online, over R1000. We are also selling them seperately, click here to purchase.
*While stocks last.
*Please note that each pouch is completely unique.









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